Attended events

2019-09-30 - African Innovation Week in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) 

2019-03-31 - Hamburg: Attending the event "Ivory Coast Day"

2014-09-04 - Hamburg: Attending the event "Bring your Project to Africa", organized by Africa Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft in collaboration with Hermes Hamburg.


2017-09-30 - Hamburg: Attending the event "Night of African Entrepeneurs in Germany", organized by KAS (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung). 


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Some photos of the event:

2017-10-17 - Hamburg: Attending the event: "Shape it: Business Multiculti" conference at the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg!


Some photos of the event:

2018-03-31 - Attending the TDI in Berlin!


Some photos of the event:

Trip of Team Bandama Consulting in Abidjan and Abengourou (Ivory Coast) - July 2018:

Bandama Consulting at the ANOPACI association:

Visit of Bandama Consulting at the Ministry of Agriculture:

Bandama Consulting at a mushroom breeding farm:

Bandama Consulting at the CAADA cooperative:

Bandama Consulting at a fish breeding facility: